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2009-04-02 17:54:18 by bungalow340

Well it's been bloody ages since I've posted on here, or done ANYTHING here on Newgrounds.

First off, the claymation thing of which I've only just myself of, I can't find any of the raw files for it to edit or anything like that; which is a shame in all honesty.

Recently though, I've been a little caught up in personal stuff and doing odd jobs for the CLC. I you wanna keep up with any work I do, check out my deviant art page at:

SamMunRAWR DeviantArt Page

I've also just posted my first piece of music on here as well, so fingers crossed for that; it's going through the Moderator approval at the moment.

So until next time when I get round to posting some Flash work or I post some more music;


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2008-06-17 17:58:26 by bungalow340

I feel like finally making my firt post on my newgrounds page (Woop!) :D and am just gunna make a few announcements!

First of all...I'm gonna be working on some flash animations....about friggin time

On July 14th (or school cant fucking decide) I'm going for a day to make an advert in claymation and such...and me and my 'acquaintance's' have decided to do the claymation advert onnnnnn (drumroll!!!) garry's mod! I'll leave you to decide on how it's gonna look but it'll be about a minute and a half and inlcude 4 scenes.

I cant think of any other way on how to fill the 32,000 characters I have left other than, just be patient and I'll post something real...

Also I'll post shit about myself if I get pissed off enough to share it with y'all here....cos tchu all KICK ASS!!! .......*looks left and right*...especially egoraptor.

Oh yeah....fear ma om nom box!!! ^_^

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